White Production Design are a leading UK supplier of Prolyte Structures Litedeck staging and risers. We stock a wide range of custom sizes that allow us to create almost any size or shape of platform. Trade rental rates are available on all standard sizes and equipment is available on either a dry hire or full production package basis.

For smaller events and those where transport space is key we stock Revostage by Panel Systems.

£ day
Litedeck - 4x1 section30
Litedeck - 4x2 section20
Litedeck - 4x3 section30
Litedeck - 4x4 section20
Litedeck - 6x1 section35
Litedeck - 6x2 section25
Litedeck - 6x3 section35
Litedeck - 6x4 section25
Litedeck - 8x1 section40
Litedeck - 8x2 section30
Litedeck - 8x3 section40
Litedeck - 8x4 section30
Litedeck - 6ft curve40
Litedeck - 4ft curve30
Litedeck - 2ft curve20
Litedeck - 4ft triangle30
Litedeck - 4 Step Modular Treads40
Litedeck - 5 Step Modular Treads50
Litedeck - 6 Step Modular Treads60
Litedeck - 4ft Handrail Section4
Litedeck - 6ft Handrail Section6
Litedeck - 8ft Handrail Section8
Litedeck - Clamp on Leg Saver4
Litedeck - Screwjack2
Litedeck - Aluminium Leg1
Revostage - 2m x 1m20
Revostage - 300mm riser15
Revostage - 400mm riser 15