WhitePD now offers the new Yamaha DM7 digital mixer range for hire, as part of a larger Yamaha stock purchase which included Yamaha DM7s, DM7Cs, DM7 Expansion Control Units, Yamaha DM3 Dantes and Yamaha Rio 3224-D2 stageboxes. So let’s take a closer look at what the new stock can offer…

The Yamaha DM7 is the latest evolution of a long line of high quality Yamaha digital mixers – with over thirty years of experience to call on, the DM7 represents a significant step forward in form, functionality and flexibility. Yamaha have pooled their experience with feedback from sound engineeers around the world to create an experience that is smoother, more intuitive and more efficient than ever before.

Highlights of the DM7’s functionality include Split Mode – which turns one console into two mixers, Assist – which takes care of important procedural tasks allowing operators to hone their creative workflow, Dante interface, 12” touch screen with 7” utility screen and dual power supplies to reduce the risk of power loss.

The Yamaha DM7C is a svelte, more compact version of the Yamaha DM7 and carries many of the features – and all the sound quality – of its bigger brother, just with fewer channels (72 vs 140)

The DM7 ExpansionControl Unit provides an ingeniously quick and clever way to access many physical controls such as User Defined Keys/Knobs, Scene Memory, Monitor Control, and Panner. It provides fast and reliable operation for applications such as musicals that require perfectly timed triggers and scene changes, while transport keys assigned to User Defined Keys and Jog Wheel provide comfortable and quick operation for post-production applications that require efficient editing work.

It is also an indispensable tool for Broadcast, Immersive productions, and any other application that can benefit from physical controllers.

When designing the DM3, Yamaha’s engineers wanted to change the idea that smaller means compromising on performance. The Yamaha DM3 offers superb sound quality, fast and easy set-up, intuitive operation and a range of features unmatched in any other mixing console of this size.

The DM3 Dante is the first compact console to be fully compatible with Dante technology, allowing for easier set up with multiple devices. Other highlights include a 9″ touch screen and Yamaha’s Touch & Turn knob for managing most of the console’s operations.

The DM3’s capabilities mean you can use it as a main mixer for smaller performances, or as a sub-mixer for large events and live streaming.

The Yamaha Rio 3224-D2 is a high performance stagebox with 32 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs, and eight digital AES/EBU outputs. Specially developed to bring the most out of Yamaha digital mixers such as the QL5, QL1 or DM7, it also has built in Dante audio networking enabling it to be configured with a wide range of kit.

A new feature of the 3224-D2 is the provision of character/icon displays rather than basic LED indicators, allowing quick, easy confirmation of Dante settings as well as metering, gain, high-pass filters, phantom power and more. It also has dual power supply units built in for high reliability and redesigned internal airflow for notably quieter fan operation.

To hire any of our new Yamaha stock as standalone items or as part of a larger production package – just contact info@whitepd.com