Yamaha SWR2311P

£30.00 per day

The Yamaha SWR2311p-10g is a Dante optimised network switch. The L2 switch features 10 LAN ports of which two also have SFP ports. As well as POE the switch also has a microSD slot, the ability to set device IDs, icon and additional comments as opposed to by their IP or MAC address alone.

It’s half rack-width design makes it perfect for Dante systems where rack-space is tight as a primary & redundant pair of switches can be paired up in just 1u of space. The inclusion of POE on all outputs is also a great feature – especially when using our Neutrik DPRO and DLINE Dante audio interfaces.

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Dante optimization function
PoE power supply
Compact 1/2U design
Complete network overview
Enhanced device ID with icons, labels and comments
Visualisation of network by “LAN map light”

LAN Port:
– Standard: IEEE 802.3
– Number of Ports: 10
– Polarity: Straight/Cross automatic detection
Combo Ports:
– LAN Ports: IEEE 802.3 – 2 ports
– SFP Ports: 2 ports
Number of PoE Ports: 8
Max. Power Supply: 30W per port (240W all ports)

Height: 44mm
Width: 220mm
Depth: 254mm
Weight: 2.3kg

13A to IEC cable
Normally supplied as part of a full system in pairs

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