Yamaha Rio3224-D

£100.00 per day

The Yamaha Rio3224-D is a 5U remote stagebox boasting 32 inputs, 16 analog and 8 digital outputs. It has a dynamic range of 108dB and a sampling frequency rate of 44.1kHz.

The Dante network audio protocol developed by Audinate allows audio professionals to use a wide array of components from a range of manufacturers alongside this stagebox and any other Dante equipped items. The Rio series also features a gain compensation function that automatically compensates for any analog gain adjustment to aid constant sound level transmission.

The Rio3224-D is a versatile piece of kit that has proven rock solid reliability. While it’s most at home within a Yamaha digital set up they can be used with any Dante equipped mixing systems. For more information on Yamaha Rio 3224-D hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Eminently natural, musical sound
8 channels of AES digital output as standard
Compatible with all Yamaha CL & QL consoles
Dante equipped
Gain compensation function for constant sound level transmission

Inputs: 32
Analog outputs: 16
Digital outputs: 8
Heights: 5U
Sampling Freq. rate: 44.1kHz
Dynamic range: 108dB

Height: 232mm
Width: 480mm
Depth: 362mm
Weight: 12.4kg

13A to IEC cable
Either stand-alone or integrated as a larger system
Yamaha Dante network switches available on request

Live music reinforcement systems
Speech day ceremonies
Full Production Packages
Dante audio networks