£5.00 - £17.50 per day

Interspace Worklite – £7.50 per day
Designed from the ground up to be the very best desk light for show and event situations. It is built in a very robust chassis and has a wide tilt range so the user can obtain optimum positioning.

Interspace CombiTower – £17.50 per day
The Interspace CombiTower is a tri-colour display from their range of traffic-light products for stage and broadcast use. It can be driven by either the Filibuster or Inticator3 base station and receives both data and power via standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Interspace CombiLamp – £5.00 per day
The CombiLamp is a tri-colour display designed for both onstage use and to give clear visual cues to operators and technicians. The compact unit emits either a green, amber or red signal and is wired using standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Interspace PCBB2 – £5.00 per day
The Interspace PC Balance Box is used to eliminate hum when connecting audio from a PC. It has a 3.5mm mini stereo jack input and 2 male XLR outputs. Versatile and rugged, the PCBB2 is an industry standard widget that is hard to imagine life without.

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