Stagedeck Accessories

£ various per day

Litedeck Handrail – £3.50 – £6.50 per day
Litedeck open handrails are supplied in a number of sizes and are an essential part of creating safe stage platforms. Our handrails come in natural aluminium finish and are generally supplied as part of complete staging systems.

Litedeck Leg Saver – £2.50 per day
Leg-savers reduce the number of legs required to build a stage platform. Manufactured from welded steel plate and a galvanised clamp these adaptors are very hard wearing. Our leg savers are finished in a light grey powder coat finish and are generally supplied as part of complete staging packages for events.

Litedeck Legs – £0.50 – per day
Measured to the mm and featuring a grey plastic bung in one end to protect the floor. We use high-grade 48mm aluminium tube to ensure maximum strength while keeping weight to a minimum.

Litedeck Screwjacks – £1.50 – £2.25 per day
Designed to set the base of a vertical 48mm scaff pipe at an exact height and to spread the point load evenly via the floor plate.

Litedeck Valance Trim – £0.75 – £5.50 per day
These profiles are useful when installing fabric and hard valance boards as they give a solid edge that is parallel to the top deck, at ground level.

Revostage Portable Stage – £20.00 – £35.00 per day
Revostage is a range of modular staging products for event use. The system comprises of two main components, a structural top deck and a supporting collapsible riser. The portable staging packs down to around 15% of it’s volume making it efficient to store and transport.

Litedeck Modular Steps – £30 – £80 per day
Designed specifically for use with the Litedeck range of staging and utilise the CCS6 coupling system.

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