Shure ULXD8

£30 per day

The Shure ULXD8 is a wireless gooseneck transmitter that can be used with either the MX405, MX410 or MX415 mics. When used with the Yamaha CL and QL consoles via Dante it represents a unique solution and a significant step forward for congress microphone systems in terms of both audio quality and controlability.

It has a gain adjustment range of 0 to 21dB and with a long working range of up 300 feet, it is a reliable solution for even the largest of conference venues. The transmitter features AES 256-bit encryption for situations when secure transmission is vital, and with the addition of a configurable mute button, users can rely on no unwanted audio coming through.

The ULXD8 is a perfect solutions for business conferences and debates where speech clarity is vital. It is particularly useful in cabaret style conference seating arrangements, where Q&A sessions are likely to be busy and involved, as each table can be given it’s own system. For more information on Shure ULXD8 hire please contact

Convenient wireless gooseneck form factor for quick setup
AES 256-bit encryption for applications for secure transmission
For use with the Microflex range of gooseneck microphones
Configurable Mute button (Toggle, Push-to-Mute, Push-to-Talk, disabled)
Adjustable RF power, high-pass filter, and power lock settings

Gain Adjustment Range: 0 to 21dB (in 3 dB steps)
Battery Runtime (@ 10mW): 8 to 9 hours
RF Output Antenna type: Integrated PIFA
RF Output Occupied Bandwidth: <200kHz

Height: 35mm
Width: 78mm
Depth: 137mm
Weight: 0.29kg

MX410c gooseneck microphone
MX415x gooseneck microphone
AA batteries

Investor relations meetings
Top tables