Shure ULXD4D

£80 per day

The ULXD4D is a 2 channel RF receiver compatible with the entire range of Shure ULX-D transmitters. Shure ULX-D ensures audio professionals have the tools to create the perfect sound in all event situations with features such as custom frequency groups, audio summing, scanning modes and many more.

The audio summing feature, controlled via channel gain adjustment, routes two or more channels to combinations of XLR receiver outputs. With a dynamic range higher than 120dB, the ULXD4Q can be deployed within a whole variety of event situations, from smaller speech based applications to larger live music events.

Key to the ULXD series is the seamless integration via Dante that is available with the Yamaha QL and CL series digital mixing desks.  For more information on Shure ULXD4D hire please contact

Dante equipped
Up to 72 MHz tuning range (region dependent)
Scanning automatically finds, and prioritises the cleanest frequencies
Intuitive front panel LCD menu and controls with various lockout options
Audio and RF LED meters with peak indicator
Greater than 120 dB dynamic range

Channels: 2
Output Gain Adjustment Range: -18 to +42dB in 1dB steps
Audio Output: LINE Setting = +18dBV, MIC Setting = -12dBV
Audio Input Impedance: 100Ω
Network Interface: Dual port ethernet 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps

Height: 44mm
Width: 482mm
Depth: 274mm
Weight: 3.35kg

13A to IEC cable
Pair of rubber ducky aerials

Awards shows
Fashion events
Live music