Shure Beta 98 AMP

£10.00 per day

The Shure Beta 98AMP/C is an electret condenser microphone ideal for close up use on snares and toms. The cardioid polar pattern ensures high gain before feedback as well as great isolation from unwanted noise. The integrated pre-amplifier increases reliability whilst minimising stage clutter – it represents a much more reliable solution than the previous Beta 98a system.

The Beta 98AMP/C features a flexible gooseneck and comes with the A75M quick release microphone mount. It offers sound engineers versatile and secure placement along with easy manoeuvrability for all event situations. The frequency response is geared towards a smooth and natural sound for percussion while the ability to withstand very high SPLs ensures all dynamics and transients are captured without colouration or distortion.

This microphone is used by professional musicians worldwide and is perfect within the studio or on stage for live music events. For more information on Shure Beta 98 AMP hire please contact

Cardioid polar pattern provides max gain-before-feedback
High rejection of off-axis sound
Precision-engineered design features integrated preamplifier and XLR connector
Frequency response tailored for drums and percussion
Ideal for applications with a wide dynamic range
Flexible gooseneck for precise placement and easy adjustment

Cartridge Type: Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000Hz
Output Impedance: 150Ω
SPL Max. 1000Ω Load: 153dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 63dB
Dynamic Range 1000Ω Load: 122dB

Height: 182mm
Diameter: 20mm
Depth: 33mm
Weight: 0.13kg

Shure A75m microphone mount
Soft pouch

Can be supplied as stand alone or as part of a fully integrated audio solution

Live music reinforcement