Shure AD2 Beta 58

£25 per day

Dubbed as ‘a singer’s best friend’, the Beta 58A is a dynamic capsule used on the biggest stages world wide, offering full, sophisticated sound to professionals within the music industry. The neodymium magnet combined with the supercardioid polar pottern ensure unwanted background noise does not bleed through. When used together, the AD2 transmitter and the Beta 58A capsule are the most reliable solution for vocalists on stage.

Shure Axient Digital provides incomparable sound in all production situations. With the unique High Density feature, sound engineers can increase the channel count in systems whilst maintaining the same high quality audio, allowing versatility and flexibility between smaller and larger events.

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Industry standard vocal performance capsule
High Density for maximum system channel count and robust coverage
Standard transmission mode for optimal coverage
Low-profile, lockable power switch
Encryption-enabled, secure transmission

Polar Patterns: Supercardioid
Cartridge Type: Dynamic
Mic Offset Range: -12 to +21dB (in 3 dB steps)
Battery Runtime (@ 10mW): >11 hours
Audio Input Max Input Level: 145 dB SPL, typical
RF Output Antenna type: Integrated Single-Band Helical
Occupied Bandwidth: <200kHz

Height: 256mm
Width: 51mm
Weight: 0.34kg

Soft pouch
AA batteries

Live music
Awards shows
Sporting events