Sennheiser EM 6000 Dante hire

Sennheiser EM 6000 Dante

£100 per day

The Sennheiser EM 6000 Dante offers superb sound quality and reliability – even in the toughest frequency environments where other systems may fail. Error correction and audio error masking recognize and fix problems long before they even become audible. When it comes to setup and the user interface, the EM 6000 stands out for clarity, relevance and short pathways.

It features a digital AES-3 output with word clock inputs and outputs, high-quality transformer-balanced analog XLR and 6.3 mm jack outputs as well as a 6.3 mm headphone output. The Dante version with an Audinate Brooklyn ll card additionally offers two Amphenol RJ-45 connectors for integrating the receiver into a Dante network, for redundant networks or daisy chain cabling.

Sennheiser’s experience in digital communication also comes to the fore with a high-contrast OLED display, showing all the vital parameters summarized in one easy to understand view. For more information on Sennheiser EM 6000 Dante hire please contact

Large 244 MHz switching bandwidth
Legendary Long Range mode (LR)
Link Density Mode (LD mode) with efficiency-optimized Audio Codec (SePAC) ensures up to 5 channels per MHz bandwidth
Equidistant frequency grid for maximum channel density and simplest setup
32 superior quality RF pre-selection filters for optimal suppression of interference signals at antenna input
Error correction and audio error masking

Frequency range: 470Hz-714kHz (1.5 dB)
Switching bandwidth: 244 MHz
Digital Audio outputs: AES3-2003, XLR-3: 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 24 bit Dante™, RJ-45: 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 24 bit
Can be externally synchronized using WCLK loop-through with BNC sockets
Analog Audio Outputs: XLR-3 and 6.3 mm jack per channel (transformer balanced)
-10 dBu to +18 dBu in steps of 1 dB (2 kΩ)

Width: 483mm
Height: 44mm
Depth: 373mm
Weight: 5.2kg

Music gigs
Television presentations
Live events