Prolyte S52V Truss

£30-60 per day

Suitable for heavy-duty loads, Prolyte S52V features thick 50 x 4mm wall chords and strong 30 x 3mm bracing, all held together by the super strong CCS7 coupler system. Thanks to the clever spigot pin orientation in the couplers, assembly of the truss is easy.

It’s light weight relative to its strength makes it suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor applications and the high load-bearing capability makes it suitable for supportive structures or overhead rigs for larger, more complex structures. Prolyte products are the go-to industry standard for truss and staging and are renowned for their high build quality, strength and reliablity.

We hold S52V in one, two and three metres lengths:
1 metre – £30 per day
2 metre – £45 per day
3 metre – £60 per day

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Industry standard and widely available
Optimum strength
Fast & easy to assemble
4 point noding & cross bracing

Material: Aluminium
Main Tubes: 50mm x 4mm
Diagonals: 30mm x 3mm
Connector type: CCS7

Height: 530mm
Width:  530mm

Stock Lengths:

Truss is stored without eggs & pins and is prepped to suit the application. Box corners and MPT tower systems are also available for hire.

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