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Prolyte – H40R Truss

£7.50 - 36.00 per day

Prolyte H40R is a medium to heavy duty truss from the industry standard H40 line of products. The rectangular design of the truss provides the high loading capacity of H40v but in a smaller volume package. As with the H30 series of trusses, H40R uses the CCS6 connector system. Along with impressive loading capabilities the 3mm walls of the main tubes result in and good resistance to transport damage.

H40R has a number of innovative design features. The pin orientation means that trusses do not need to be rolled when pinning. Instead of 20×2 webbing, the bottom of the truss has 48.3mm ladder section allowing fixtures, and thus weight, to be centrally hung keeping torsion effects to a minimum by reducing one sided loading. The design of the 40R also allows H30D triangular truss to be threaded through nodes to create quick and cost effective grids.

H40R is compact enough to work in discreet corporate and fashion applications but also has the weight loading and feature set that make it perfect for larger events and heavy duty rigging jobs. We stock it in a large range of sizes:

0.5m – £7.50 per day
0.75m – £10 per day
1m – £12 per day
1.5m – £18 per day
2m – £24 per day
3m – £36 per day

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Pin arrangement eliminates the need for rolling
High weight loading
Optimal truck space usage
Ladder-beam underside allows fixtures to be centrally hung

Material: Aluminium
Main Tubes: 48.3mm x 3mm
Diagonals: 20mm x 2mm
Connector type: CCS6

Height: 387mm
Width:  287mm

Stock Lengths:
0.5m = 4.9kgs
0.75m = 6.9kgs
1m = 7.9kgs
1.5m = 10.9kgs
2m = 14.2kgs
3m = 20.2kgs

Truss is stored without eggs & pins and is prepped to suit the application. Box corners and MPT tower systems are also available.

Catwalk & Fashion show production services
Corporate events

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