Prolyte H40R Corner hire

Prolyte H40R Corners

£30 - 40 per day

Prolyte H40R truss has a number of innovative design features. The underside of the truss has 48.3mm ladder section allowing fixtures to be centrally hung helping to keep torsion effects to a minimum, by reducing one sided loading. The pin orientation means that trusses do not need to be rolled when pinning. The design of the 40R also allows H30D triangular truss to be threaded through nodes to create quick and cost effective grids.

Prolyte H40R is fast and easy to assemble, it can be used in almost any event production situation. Box corners offer the most flexible solution for rental as they can be adapted from 2 to 6 way options simply by adding addition connector sets. We hold male and female spigot options for these corners to give either a flush connection or a 75mm gap which adds flexibility when fitting into tight venues. Our options include:

2 way – £30 per day
3 way – £32.50 per day
4 way – £35 per day
5 way – £37.50 per day
6 way – £40 per day

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Special extruded profile for optimum strength
Flush mount or spaced spigots
Configurable from 2 to 6 way corners
Can take 100% of the applied load in a vertical or horizontal direction

Material: Aluminium
Main Tubes: 48.3mm x 3mm
Bracing: 20mm x 2mm

Box without spigots:

Height:  387mm
Width:   287mm
Depth:   287mm
Weight: 10.3kgs

The Prolyte Box Corner 40R can be supplied for hire with male or female spigots from the Prolyte CCS6 range depending on the application.

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