Prolyte H30V Truss hire

Prolyte H30V Truss

£7.50 - 30.00 per day

Prolyte H30V is a medium duty, general purpose, truss from the industry standard H30 line of products. The 3mm walls of the main tubes result in impressive loading capabilities and good resistance to transport damage. It uses the same CCS6 connector system as the H30D and H40R series trusses.

H30V features continuous webbing which aids in fast assembly. It also has 4-point noding and cross bracing to increase strength. Our truss is regularly cleaned and replaced to keep it looking fresh and so it can be incorporated into set designs and exhibition stand building applications.

The compact size and low self weight make it an excellent product for applications where overall clearance and rigging weights are a key consideration. We stock it in a wide range of lengths:

0.29m – £7.50 per day
0.5m – £7.50 per day
0.75m – £7.50 per day
1m – £10 per day
1.5m – £15 per day
2m – £20 per day
3m – £30 per day

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Industry standard and widely available
Optimum strength
Fast & easy to assemble
4 point noding & cross bracing

Material: Aluminium
Main Tubes: 48.3mm x 3mm
Diagonals: 16mm x 2mm
Connector type: CCS6

Height: 287mm
Width:  287mm

Stock Lengths;

0.29m = 2.9kgs
0.5m = 4.2kgs
0.75m = 5.7kgs
1m = 7.0kgs
1.5m = 10.1kgs
2m = 2.9kgs
2.5m = 15.7kgs
3m = 18.9kgs

Truss is stored without eggs & pins and is prepped to suit the application. Box corners and MPT tower systems are also available.

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