This white lectern is stylish and very solid in construction. It has a large top section that comfortably holds two sheets of A4 as well as slide clicker and other AV accessories. The Lectern includes dual microphone mounts and an LED gooseneck reading lamp. Cabling is concealed through the body of the lectern and it has exit slots built into the base to allow cable co come out neatly in any direction.

This lectern is manufactured from 18mm medite MDF at our in-house work shop. Each component is CNC cut and rebated before being glued and screwed. Once assembled the unit is filled, sanded and sealed before receiving 3 coats of brilliant white paint.

The striking, purposeful and clean design of this lectern make it ideal for both conferences and awards presentations. The top, front panel is well proportioned for branding enabling photographers to capture great images of keynote speakers. We hold a number of different microphone options in our hire stock along with a full range of production equipment to complement this lectern.