The Prolyte H30d C017 is a 3-way truss T-piece. This versatile adaptor can be used in both flown and ground supported systems either apex up or down. As well as being cleaned and inspected with every outing our truss stock is regularly replaced to keep it looking exhibition and set-build ready.

H30d is a triangular truss system from the industry standard H30 line of products. It has a very high loading capacity versus it’s compact transport dimensions. The range includes a variety of corner products allowing the creation of complex structures. H30d uses the Prolyte CCS6 coupling system.

Prolyte H30d is fast and easy to assemble and can be used in a wide variety of event situations. Our continual investment in rigging and infrastructure enable us to deliver bespoke packages from off the shelf components for almost any kind and size of event. White Production Design LTD specialise in plug-and-play packages of audio, lighting, video and rigging for the event production industry.