Litedeck, by Prolyte Structures, is the industry standard modular staging unit for live events, broadcast & theatre. It is constructed from high-tensile TIG welded aluminium and birch ply to create a product that is strong yet lightweight. The decks have a removable 19mm top panel (for servicing) and a lockable leg pocket in each corner. A modular grid of bolt-holes along each edge of the panel are included for securing the stage pieces together.

Whitepd hold Litedeck in a wide range of sizes to ensure we can create stages of almost any footprint. Our staging is serviced and painted every time it returns to the warehouse to ensure it is in the best possible condition. In addition to our rectangular units we also carry curved and triangular sections.

We keep a number of standard stage coverings, such as carpet and acrylic, on the shelf and have experience working with many more materials. Platforms can be clad with anything from a soft casement valance to a high-gloss solid plastic. A full range of legs and step units are also available in rental stock. Whitepd specialise in the hire of equipment to the event production industry. We cover audio, lighting, LED walls, video, set and staging services.