The Chauvet EPIX Bar 2.0 is a one meter bar containing 160 tri-colour LEDs in a 40×4 arrangement. It has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and a pixel pitch of 25mm. It comes with the option of a clear or frosted filter. With the clear filter, the EPIX Bar outputs 2,586 NITS illuminance, and 2,160 NITS with the frosted filter.

The EPIX Bar 2.0 uses CAT5 cabling to carry both power and data from the EPIX Drive 642 which keeps set-up time to a minimum. They can be controlled either via Artnet or Klingnet (generally using Arkaos)

Predominantly used for visual effects, the EPIX Bar 2.0 is the perfect fixture for additional digital features at award shows and TV-style set designs. These units are supplied for hire in touring flightcases of 12 units which also contain 3 of the EPIX 642 drive units.