The Arri Skypanel S30-C is a compact, LED based, soft diffusion panel. It is suitable for temporary and installed applications and has a tremendous output. The S30 produces a 115 degree beam angle in a soft, uniform field.

The S30-C is brighter than a 1kW tungsten soft light or a 3kW tungsten space light and has a continually variable CT from 2800 to 10000k. The S30 has an impressive CRI of 95 and a vast selection of colours.

The soft but high output of the S30-C makes it the ideal fixture for applications such as fashion shows and photography/videography situations. Whitepd specialise in the supply of kit and services to agencies and other rental houses on a White-label basis. Our equipment has next to no branding and is supplied in unmarked black flight-cases to help it blend in with any inventory.