The Arrilite 2000+ is a traditional, open-faced, tungsten fixture. It emits a beam angle from 24 to 63 degrees. The lamp incorporates many new, innovative, features such as the ARRIMAX reflector and optical system that increases efficiency and improves light distribution.

Weighing 400g less than the previous version of the Arrilite 2000 and lamp changes are completed without the need for tools. The fixture has a heat proof handle to the rear so set-up and manoeuvrability is made easier and more convenient. The 2000+ also features True-Blue disc brake technology which ensures maintained stability when heavy accessories are attached such as barndoors.

The output of the 2000+ makes it a great addition for applications such as fashion shows and video work. The Arrimax reflector and all round design of the unit are very easy on the eye and we often deploy these fixtures as part of set designs where they can be used as tungsten eye candy and blinders.