Panasonic PT-RQ25K for hire

Panasonic PT-RQ25K

£2,250.00 per day

The Panasonic RT-RQ25K delivers more for less – considerably smaller and lighter than its predecessor it has a resolution of 3840 x 2400, a brightness of 21,000 lumens and a contrast of 25,000:1

The PT-RQ25K’s image quality can be adjusted to suit your specific needs – Dynamic Contrast produces bright whites and deeper blacks, Gradation Smoother helps to reduce colour-banding via the included remote, and point-based black-level adjustment supports edge-blending over curved surfaces for precise projections.

The Panasonic RT-RQ25K is an industry leading projector offering more solutions than ever before. It brings 3-chip, 4K laser projection possibilities into a wide range of events and spaces, fitting into locations previously thought impossible. WhitePD also hold a full range of lenses and video infrastructure in our hire stock to complement these projectors.

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High performance in a compact form
4K high resolution projection
3-Chip DLP 4K laser with Quad Pixel drive
Dynamic Contrast function
21,000 lumens brightness

Display method: DLP chip x 3
Refresh rate: 120 Hz*2
Light source: Laser Diode
Brightness: 21,000 lm
Contrast: 25,000:1
Resolution: 3840 x 2400 pixels
Power consumption (normal operation) 1,330 W

Height: 220mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 570mm
Weight: 35kg

Full flying cradle
Remote Control
Touring flightcase

Edge blend projection
Awards ceremony production services
Audio visual equipment rental