Novastar 660 hire

Novastar 660 – 4 way rack

£350.00 per day

The Novastar 660 4-way rack is designed to give everything required (excluding a scaled image) to drive an LED video wall.  It includes mains distribution, signal matrix, TPS receivers, LED processors and more. The rack is mixture of stock and bespoke components. It is intended to be used with LED video walls that are wired with main and backup signal cabling. In a redundent set-up the rack will comfortably drive 160 panels.

The mains distribution section of the rack includes a UPS for the internal electronics and 12 individual circuits for the LED panels. These are accessed on socapex connectors for quick and tidy cabling and one of the socapex connectors is also paired with 6 x local PowerCON TRUE1 connectors for added flexibility. The inclusion of a Lightware MMX 6×2 HT220 signal matrix adds significant flexibility and reliability into the mix. It features dual TPS inputs and dual TPS outputs which are particularly useful when cabling distant L/R screens. The local HDMI inputs and matrix that this unit features helps to significantly reduce unplugging when setting up, hot swapping and problem solving.

The control rack includes 4x NovaStar MCTRL660 independent video controllers. The DVI input supports resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz, whilst the HDMI input can support up to 1920×1200@60Hz. It has 4x RJ45 outputs with a maximum loading capacity of 650,000 pixels.

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Full LED video wall drive package
Novastar control of 160 panels for Absen M2.9 inc backup lines
Mains distribution for upto 160 video-wall panels
HDbaseT and DVI distribution included
UPS backup for all processing
Control PC included

Video Input
– 2 x DVI
– 2 x HDMI
– 2 x HDbaseT
Video Output
– 2 x HDMI
– 2 x HDbaseT
Mains Input
– 32A 3phase – flying tail
Mains Output
– 12 x Circuits – 30mA RCBO
– 2 x Socapex
– 6 x PowerCON TRUE1 (paired with socapex 2)

Height: 221.2mm
Width: 483mm
Depth: 258.1mm
Weight: 14.4kg

– 1 x Lightware MMX 6×2 HT220 HDbaseT matrix
– 4 x Novastar MCTRL 660 processors
– 1 x Whitepd MDU-5 mains distribution unit
– 1 x Eaton UPS
– 1 x Lenovo T430 control PC with long-range USB
– 1 x Bespoke patch panel
– 1 x Basic Absen tool-kit

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