Manfrotto grip

£1.25 - £8.00 per day

Designed and built in Italy since 1972, Manfrotto products have earned a reputation for great design and extreme reliability. Our hire stock includes:

Avenger C Stand – short  – £6.00 per day
Avenger C Stand – medium – £7.00 per day
Avenger C Stand – tall – £8.00 per day
The Avenger C stand is an industry standard, collapsible, lighting stand that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s unique and appealing design make it ideal for events where the equipment will be seen up close and personal. The chromed finish complements white backdrops and walls where a more traditional black stand would simply look cumbersome. The short stand has a height of 270mm, the medium stand max 2530mm and the tall stand max 3280mm.

The Manfrotto 1004BAC Master  – £4.00 per day
An extremely capable, compact, lighting stand. The triple section mast can reach and impressive 12ft finished height and the stand is able to support up to 9kgs.

The Manfrotto Magic Arm – £4.50 – £6.50 per day
A continually variable positioning arm for mounting equipment. The high load capacity of over 3kgs allows this to be used with a wide variety of equipment including small video cameras, lighting fixtures and more.

The Manfrotto Super Clamp – £1.25 per day
An ultra versatile clamp for (in an event industry context) attaching almost anything, to almost anything.

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