Litedeck shapes hire

Litedeck – Shapes

£15.00 - 40.00 per day

Litedeck, by Prolyte Structures, is the industry standard modular staging unit for event production, theatre & broadcast. These Litedeck curves & triangles are strong, yet lightweight, products and are constructed from high-tensile TIG welded aluminium with a birch plywood top. A grid of bolt-holes along each edge of the panel are included for securing the stage pieces together and the top panel is also removable for servicing.

WhitePD are experienced in using a variety of stage coverings, such as carpet, acrylic and vinyl. Platforms can be edged with anything from a casement valance to printed soft plastics such as foamex. A full range of legs and step units are available for hire and we also keep leg savers, bracing equipment and handrails on the shelf.

Our equipment rental stock includes a wide range of Litedeck sizes that allow us to build stages of almost any footprint and our Litedeck shapes are available in the following sizes:
2ft curved quadrant – £15 per day
4ft curved quadrant – £25 per day
4ft triangle – £17.50 per day
6ft curved quadrant – £40 per day
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Repainted with every use
Welded side profiles provide ultimate strength
Industry standard

We also stock Prolyte litedeck for stage platforms in the following sizes

4ft x 1ft, 6ft x 1ft, 8ft x 1ft
4ft x 2ft, 6ft x 2ft, 8ft x 2ft
4ft x 3ft, 6ft x 3ft, 8ft x 3ft
4ft x 4ft, 6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 4ft

Frame material: High tensile aluminium alloy grade 6082T6
Construction method: TIG welded to BS3019
Top sheet material: 19mm birch ply
Loading: 5 kN/m²

Shapes available;

2ft Curved quadrant
4ft Curved quadrant
6ft Curved quadrant
4ft Triangular Section (isosceles or right-angle depending which way you dress)

2ft x 2ft Curved quadrant

Height:  175mm
Width:   610mm
Depth:   610mm
Weight: 8kgs

4ft x 4ft Curved quadrant;

Height:  175mm
Width:   1220mm
Depth:   1220mm
Weight: 24kgs

6ft x 6ft Curved quadrant;

Height: 175mm
Width: 1830mm
Depth: 1830mm
Weight: 54kgs

4ft x 4ft Triangle;

Height: 175mm
Width: 1220mm
Depth: 1220mm
Weight: 19kgs

– M10 Joining bolt sets
– Legs to suit application

We can also supply, when required;

– Packing
– Leg savers
– Bracing for higher platforms
– Screwjacks for uneven ground and outdoor platforms

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