Kinesys DigiHoist

£70 per day

The Kinesys Digihoist is an advanced control system for LVC motors. Each module can operate up to 8 hoists and units can be cascaded to form control systems for up to 96 motors. The remote control gives the user all the functionality and feedback of the base station in a robust lightweight package. These units are equipped with four socapex connections.

Designed from the ground up, Digihoist contains a wide range of unique safety and operation features, central to this is hoist presence detection. The unit will not allow a movement unless it detects the presence of all the motors requested by a user. In addition, the unit will stop – or refuse to operate – if any of the selected hoists are at their limit.

The Kinesys Digihoist has a large digital display that gives riggers status information, such as motor ID and load cell weights. To complement this system we hold EXE Rise motors in 250kgs, 500kgs, 1,000kgs and 2,000kgs versions. For more information on Kinesys Digihoist hire please contact

Low voltage control system (LVC)
Automatically stops when any hoist hits a limit
Hoist presence detection
Cascade controllers up to 96 channels
Intelligent remote control

Control channels: 8
Phase reverse: Automatic
Voltage: Universal for international use

Height: 178mm
Width: 480mm
Depth: 400mm
Weight: 19kgs

Kinesys Digihoist controllers are generally supplied as part of complete event rigging equipment packages but can also be supplied to trade rental customers on a dry hire basis.

LED wall rigging
Event rigging services
Stage lighting equipment hire
Fashion and catwalk event production