Countdown Timers

£10 - £35 per day

Interspace Big Display – £30 per day
Ideal for large event and conference stages – the Big Display is large enough to be clearly visible across a large room and with it’s bright, tri-colour LED’s it can consistently give clear signals to presenters, artists and others on stage.

Interspace 25mm Display – £15 per day
The 25mm remote display gives presenters clear indication of timings while on stage. They are discreet enough to be dotted around a podium while being bright enough to always be visible to presenters.

Interspace Display Mini – £10 per day
The Interspace Mini Display is a super compact display for the range of Interspace Industries on-stage timer products. The ultra compact nature of the mini display makes it a perfect unit for mounting on a lectern. They are also useful on coffee tables for panel sessions.

Interspace Filibuster – £35 per day
The Interspace Filibuster is a base-station to control a number of different Interspace display products. The Filibuster includes count-down, count-up and traffic-light control. It is built in a robust chasis and has a clear on board display.

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