DPA 4099

£15.00 per day

The DPA 4099 is a pre-polarized instrument condenser which is suitable for a vast range of instruments such as strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. It provides outstanding audio quality in all applications. The supercardioid polar pattern ensures high isolation while also improving gain before feedback.

The beautifully engineered range of clamps and mounts that are available for the 4099’s are what really set it apart as a system. Anything from a violin to a grand piano, a double bass to a snare drum. The 4099 series also benefits from the versatility of the microdot connector and it’s ability to be either a wired or wireless termination.

The ability to handle high SPLs make the 4099 an incredibly versatile instrument microphone, from providing clean and transparent sound ideal for piano and string applications, to capturing the high volume and attack of drums. When paired with a Shure Axient Digital or ULX-D system, the DPA 4099 is the perfect solution for all musical applications, from orchestral to live bands.

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Superior gain-before-feedback
Wide range of clamps and mounts for almost any instrument
Detachable cable and a versatile gooseneck extender (yes – its an extender!)
Suitable for wired and wireless use
Handles high SPLs

Cartridge Type: Pre-polarized Condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000Hz
Output Impedance – Microdot: 30 to 40Ω
Output Impedance – DAD6001 XLR Adaptor: 100Ω
Max. SPL THD 10%: 142dB
Dynamic Range: 108dB

Microphone Length: 45mm
Microphone Diameter: 5.4mm
Cable Length: 45mm
Cabe Diameter: 1.6mm
Weight: 0.03kg

Soft pouch
Microdot extension cable

Optional items available to hire:
Clamps and mounts
Microdot adaptors and inline pre-amps

Orchestral reinforcement
Stage or studio use
Wireless instrument microphones