DPA 4066 Beige

£25.00 per day

The DPA 4066 headset microphone is a pre-polarized condenser designed for hands-free speech and theatre applications. The ultra-thin design provides discretion , while still giving an extremely stable frame for DPA’s excellent omnidirectional capsule. The headband has the ability to adjust the mounting system to either left or right positioning dependent on the individuals application needs.

Featuring a drop stopper and manufactured using sturdy water resistant materials, the 4066 is completely protected from humidity and perspiration, whilst maintaining its ruggedness and enabling it to be used in the most demanding physical environments. With the addition of the microdot to 3.5mm locking jack adapter, the 4066 can also be used alongside the Sennheiser G3 and G4 radio mic systems.

For more information on DPA 4066 Biege hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Ultra discreet design
Resistant to humidity
Double-vent protection system
Microdot adaptor system fits all pro wireless systems

Cartridge Type: Pre-polarized Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000Hz
Output Impedance: 30 to 40Ω
Max. SPL THD 10%: 144dB
Dynamic Range: 111dB

Microphone Diameter: 5.4mm
Cable Length: 1200mm
Weight: 0.014kg

Microdot adaptor
DPA carry case
Windshield set

Available for hire either standalone or part of a larger networked system.

Speech reinforcement
Awards shows