DPA gooseneck 4098

DPA 4098

£25.00 per day

The DPA 4098 is a pre-polarized gooseneck condenser that is designed primarily for use on podiums, lecterns and top-tables. With its microdot connector it is possible to use the microphone either as a hardwired set-up (in conjunction with the DPA 6001 XLR pre-amp) or as a wireless system. This is particularly useful when quick changes on Awards and Conference stages are required.

The supercardioid polar pattern ensures high isolation and provides outstanding audio quality for all suitable applications. Combining controlled directionality with high rejection of RF interference, the 4098 is one of the best tools available when needing to provide clean audio in challenging acoustic environments. With low distortion and outstanding linear response sound engineers have the ability to tailor and shape audio output dependent on the application.

When paired with a Shure Axient Digital or ULX-D system, the DPA 4098 is the perfect solution for applications where speech clarity is crucial. For more information on DPA 4098 hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Microdot connector for wireless or hard-wired operation
Highly directional
Handles high SPLs
Detachable cable and a versatile gooseneck extender

Cartridge Type: Pre-polarized Condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000Hz
Output Impedance – Microdot: 30 to 40Ω
Output Impedance – DAD6001 XLR Adaptor: 100Ω
Max. SPL THD 10%: 135dB
Dynamic Range: 102dB

Microphone Length: 160mm
Microphone Diameter: 10mm
Capsule Diameter: 5.4mm
Weight: 0.01kg

DPA carry case
Gooseneck base
Microdot cable
Microdot adaptor

Can be supplied as stand alone or as part of a fully integrated audio solution

Lectern microphone
Awards show