D&B V-GSUB hire


£45 per day

he D&B V-GSUB is a high performance cardioid subwoofer. In standard mode the V-GSUB has a frequency response of 37Hz to 115kHz with a 800/3200W power handling capacity and can be used with either our D20 or D80 amplifier, producing a max sound pressure of 137dB (when coupled with a D80). 2 of these subwoofers can be used per amplifier channel.

The V-GSUB features 2 separate drivers, an 18″ in a bass-reflex chamber facing to the front and a 12″ in a two chamber bandpass design to the rear. The shape of the top panel is based on the footprint of the V7P/V10P loudspeakers, offering a sturdy, reliable set up when stacked.

For more information on D&B V-GSUB hire please contact info@whitepd.com

High performance cardioid subwoofer
M20 socket for secure mounting of distance rod
1 x 18″ driver – front chamber
1 x 12″ driver – rear chamber

Frequency response (-5dB standard): 37Hz – 115Hz
Frequency response (-5dB 100Hz mode): 37Hz – 95Hz
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms): 800/3200 W
Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
Max. sound pressure with D20: 133dB
Max. sound pressure with D80: 137dB
Cabinets per amplifier channel: 2

Height: 606mm
Width: 700mm
Depth: 728mm
Weight: 61kg

Soft cover
NL4 cabling

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