D&B SL-GSUB hire


£80.00 per day

The SL-GSUB is a large format high performance cardioid subwoofer, for ground stack usage only, designed to complement the GSL and KSL systems. In standard mode the SL-GSUB has a frequency response of 33Hz to 84kHz with a 500/2000W power handling capacity and can solely be used with the D80 amplifier, producing a max sound pressure of 144dB. 2 of these subwoofers can be used per amplifier.

The SL-GSUB features 3 x 21″ neodymium drivers, 2 facing to the front and 1 to the rear, each operating in independent bass reflex chambers and driven from separate amplifier channels. This subwoofer has no rigging accessories, however the top features 2 runners front to rear, allowing muliple SL-GSUBs to be stacked.

The SL-GSUB is a fantastic addition to a wide variety of larger corporate events for adding significant wallop to walk-up stings, powerful videos and live music situations. For more information on D&B SL-GSUB hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Large format cardioid subwoofer
Nominal impedance front/rear – 3/6 Ω
3 x 21″ driver
It’s really big

Frequency response (-5dB standard): 33Hz- 84Hz
Frequency response (-5dB INFRA mode): 30Hz – 65Hz
Power handling capacity front (RMS/peak 10 ms): 1000/4000 W
Power handling capacity rear (RMS/peak 10 ms): 500/2000 W
Max. sound pressure with D80: 144dB
Cabinets per D80: 2

Height: 585mm
Width: 1300mm
Depth: 975mm
Weight: 132kg

NL4T cabling
Soft transport cover

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Gala dinner production
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