D&B E15X white hire

D&B E15X White

£60 per day

The E15X is a high performance compact omnidirectional subwoofer that features a 15″ driver and a passive crossover network. It can be used with any other speakers from the D&B range although we most commonly deploy it with either the E8 or Y7p enclosure in White. The E15X has a frequency response of 37Hz to 140kHz and a 300/1600W power handling capacity. It can be used with either our D20 or D80 amplifier and produces a maximum SPL of 130dB.

The compact/lightweight footprint of this subwoofer (at just 24kg) allows versatility while maintaining high output performance.

For more information on D&B E15X White hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Compact yet very punchy subwoofer
Omnidirectional dispersion
M20 insert for mounting a distance rod
Passive crossover network

Frequency response (-5dB standard): 37Hz- 140Hz
Frequency response (-5dB 100Hz mode): 37Hz – 100Hz
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms): 300/1600 W
Max. sound pressure with D20/80: 130dB
Cabinets per amplifier channel: 2

Height: 426mm
Width: 530mm
Depth: 550mm
Weight: 24kg

Touring flightcase
White NL4 cable

Fashion events
Drinks receptions
Awards shows
Conference AV systems