D&B D40 hire from WhitePD

D&B D40

£90 per day

The D40 amplifier represents a new performance level of four channel Class D amplifiers using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to incorporate loudspeaker specific configurations and user definable setups, equalization and delay functions.

The D40 amplifier has a dynamic range of 116 dB (unweighted) and is designed to drive high voltage D&B loudspeakers while providing comprehensive management and protection capabilities. The user interface of the amplifier consists of a 4.3″ colour touchscreen in conjunction with a digital rotary encoder providing comprehensive information of the device configuration and enhanced status monitoring.

The D40 includes enhanced energy saving features, power efficiency and Automatic Wake up for environmentally responsible and sustainable Green Building requirements. For more information on D&B D40 hire please contact info@whitepd.com

4 channel amplifier & DSP
3.5″ Colour TFT touchscreen
Drives all D&B products (except GSL, SL-Sub, J-series, M2)
All features accessible without a laptop
Compact and lightweight

Input latency: 0.3 msec
Delay settings: 0.3-10000 msec
Sampling digital AES/EBU: 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz/192kHz
Maximum output power:
4 x 2000W at 8Ω
4 x 2400W at 4Ω

Height: 88mm
Width: 480mm
Depth: 512mm
Weight: 13.8kg

13A to Powercon

Digital Audio Systems
Fashion Shows
Sporting events
Full Event Production