White Production Design LTD stock a full range of D&B black enclosures to suit a wide variety of events. From the compact and cost-effective E cabinets to to the hugely capable V-series.

Central to our range are the highly regarded Y-series loudspeakers. The Y-series is a flexible, high performance set of enclosures that includes point-source, line source and sub-bass enclosures. The Y7P and Y10P are both 2-way passive point source loudspeakers that Whitepd stock in black and white. They share the same compact footprint and can be used as stand-alone full range systems or with the addition of the Y-sub to extend their frequency response and output. Dependent on the application needs, they can be stand mounted or flown using the Z5399 mounting bracket. All full range cabinets in the Y series feature two 8” drivers in a dipolar arrangement with a 1.4” compression driver mounted onto a rotatable CD horn. The only difference between the Y7p and Y10p are the nominal dispersion angles; the Y7P at 75° x 40° and the Y10P at a wider 110° x 40°.

The Y8 and Y12 medium format loudspeakers make up the high performance line array options within the Y-series. The Y8 offers 80° horizontal directivity, whereas the Y12 has a wider 120°, both controlled down to 500Hz. Y8’s and 12’s can be deployed in the same array’s to suit the dispersion needs of each specific venue and can be ether stacked, using the Z5396 base plate or flown using the Z5394 flying adapter. Completing the range is the Y-SUB to provide low end reinforcement. It features a cardioid dispersion pattern that makes significant reductions in sound output to the rear of the enclosure. The 18” driver within a bass-reflex chamber facing the front, combined with a 12” driver housed in a two-chamber bandpass design facing the rear ensure impeccable audio quality at all times. Fitted with a 3 point rigging system, the Y-SUB can be flown as part of a column of just subs, or at the top of a Y-array.

The V7P is a very high performance 3-way passive point source loudspeaker that can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation. There are a variety of deployment possibilities with the addition of either the Z5383 VP mounting bracket or the Z5384 flying adapter. The V7P has a frequency response of 59Hz to 18kHz and can produce a maximum sound pressure of 140dB. The trapezoidal enclosure houses 4 drivers; 2x 10″ LF bass-reflex and venting drivers, 1 centrally mounted 8″ MF driver (all containing neodymium magnets) and a 1.4″ exit compression driver. It has a nominal dispersion of 75° x 40° that is rotatable through 90°. The sophisticated horn geometry coupled with the bass-reflex port design offers full bandwidth capabilities with and extended LF output. The V10P shares the same footprint as the V7P however offers a slightly different nominal dispersion of 110°x 40° adjustable through 90°. For applications within wider spaces where the dispersion of the V7P is not applicable. These versatile loudspeakers can be used as stand-alone full range systems or with sub bass units, such as the V-Gsub, from the D&B range where extended low frequency performance is required. The Vp are an excellent alternative to smaller line-array setups from both a performance and budget perspective.

Whitepd have also recently added the SL-GSUB to stock. The SL Sub is a large format cardioid subwoofer intended for ground stack applications. In standard mode it has a frequency response of 33Hz to 84kHz and produces a clean low-end bass. It is powered by the D80 amplifier and develops a maximum sound pressure level of 144dB making it the ideal bass reinforcement for events within larger spaces. Featuring three 21″ neodymium drivers (2 facing to the front and 1 to the rear), they each operate in independent bass reflex chambers and are driven from separate amplifier channels. This subwoofer features 2 runners front to rear, allowing multiple SL-GSUBs to be stacked.

The d&b XSL completes the SL trilogy that has become world renowned for it’s full, broadband directivity. The exceptional rejection to the rear of the cabinet gives engineer, listeners and artists new levels of clarity and separation not available with any other system. Room reflections are dramatically reduced along with spill onto open microphones. The reduced noise levels from the rear of the enclosure radiating onto stage also results in lower monitor levels for performers. In outdoor settings the system enables engineers to give the paying crowd the energy they need without breeching perimeter noise limits and muddying other areas of the site.

In d&b’s words, you get ‘More of what you want. Less of what you don’t.’

For the larger applications XSL can be deployed in columns of up to 24 loudspeakers. It can be driven either in array processing mode, requiring 2 x amp-channels per element or Arc/line mode where 2 cabinets can be linked. The unique compression or tension rigging options 1st seen with the stadium sized GSL system has been carried down to XSL.

White Production Design hold both the XSL8 and XSL12 in hire stock. These are supplied in the standard d&b touring carts and are available on a rental basis or as part of our larger production solution packages.

The system sits perfectly within our portfolio of d&b Audiotechnik equipment. With over 200 enclosures & 40 amplifiers in stock Whitepd are well placed to service a wide range of rental and production work.

D&B Black enclosures for hire

  • E5 – Loudspeaker hire
  • E6 – Loudspeaker hire
  • E8 – Loudspeaker hire
  • T10 – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y7p – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y8 – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y10p – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y12 – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y-Sub – Sub-woofer hire
  • V7p – Loudspeaker hire
  • V10p – Loudspeaker hire
  • XSL8 – Loudspeaker hire
  • XSL12 – Loudspeaker hire
  • V-Gsub – Sub-woofer hire
  • M4 – Wedge monitor hire
  • B6 Sub-woofer hire
  • B8 – Sub-woofer hire
  • SL-Gsub – Sub-woofer hire

D&B White enclosures for hire

  • B8 – Sub-woofer hire
  • E5 – Loudspeaker hire
  • E6 – Loudspeaker hire
  • E8 – Loudspeaker hire
  • E15X – Sub-woofer hire
  • Y7p – Loudspeaker hire
  • Y10p – Loudspeaker hire

D&B Accessories for hire

  • Z5024 – Stand Adpt
  • Z5035 – M10 Stand Adpt
  • Z5350 – Flying Brkt (black)
  • Z5350 – Flying Brkt (white)
  • Z5354 – Flying Adpt
  • Z5357 – Ball Joint Adpt
  • Z5370 – T Flying Frame
  • Z5371 – T Flying Brkt
  • Z5372 – T Horizontal Brkt
  • Z5373 – T Cluster Brkt
  • Z5377 – Swivel Brkt
  • Z5383 – VP Mounting Brkt
  • Z5384 – VP Flying Adpt
  • Z5394 – Y Flying Adpt
  • Z5396 – Y Base Plate
  • Z5399 – Mounting Brkt