D&B XSL12 hire from Whitepd


£75 per day

The XSL12 is a mobile specific line array module purposefully designed for small to medium scale sound reinforcement. It can also supplement GSL and KSL Systems as fill and delay. Up to twenty-four / twenty-two cabinets in compression or tension mode from XSL Flying frames and up top twelve cabinets from the smaller XSL Mounting frames can be flown in vertical columns.

XSL completes the SL trilogy that has become world renowned for it’s full, broadband directivity. The exceptional rejection to the rear of the cabinet gives engineer, listeners and artists new levels of clarity and separation not available with any other system. Room reflections are dramatically reduced along with spill onto open microphones. The reduced noise levels from the rear of the enclosure radiating onto stage also results in lower monitor levels for performers. In outdoor settings the system enables engineers to give the paying crowd the energy they need without breeching perimeter noise limits and muddying other areas of the site. In d&b’s words, you get ‘More of what you want. Less of what you don’t.’

For more information on D&B XSL12 hire please contact info@whitepd.com

New levels of clarity and separation
7 drivers for exceptional sound quality
Can be deployed in columns of up to 24 speakers
Impact and weather protected 2K finish
Dispersion angle of 80°

Frequency response (-5 dB standard)60 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency response (-5 dB CUT mode)90 Hz – 18 kHz
Power handling capacity front LF (RMS/peak 10 ms)400/1200 W
Power handling capacity side LF/MF/HF (RMS/peak 10 ms)300/850 W
Nominal impedance front LF8 ohms
Nominal impedance side LF/MF/HF8 ohms
Max sound pressure (D40 Amp) 141dB
Cabinets per D40 amp (ArrayProcessing) 2
Cabinets per D40 amp (Line or Arc mode) 4

Height: 283mm
Width:  700mm
Depth:  507mm
Weight: 39kg

Four-way touring cart
Various rigging options available – please call for details
d&b touring amp racks to suit your system requirements

Large-scale conference audio reinforcement
Outdoor music festivals
Touring and special events