Cueing Equipment

£5.00 - £55.00 per day

Interspace Mastercue V6 – £55 per day
The Mastercue V6 is Interspace Industries flagship cueing system for live presentations and broadcasts, often supplied with the Filibuster stage timer system for conference and AGM stages to ensure presentations run smoothly and are kept on schedule.

Interspace Microcue 3 – £25 per day
Described by the manufacturers as ‘The Presenters Cueing Toolbox’ – the Interspace Industries Microcue 3 is designed to control slide progress on numerous computers during live presentations.

Interspace Microcue 2 – £25 per day
The Interspace Industries Microcue 2 is a professional slide cueing system specifically for live presentations. It can be configured to directly control a computer (without intervention from an operator) or to provide visual & audible cues to a technician who then pushes the slides on a PC or Mac.

Interspace handsets – £5.00-£7.50 per day
These handsets can be used with all three of the slide cueing systems we hold.

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