Chroma Q – Color Force II 12

£40.00 per day

The Chroma Q Colorforce II 12 is a 1ft multipurpose batten, housing four 3″ LED engines . With a high CRI of 92 and fully homogenised optics, the Colorforce II outputs a single clean beam of light with superior colour blending capabilities.

The theatrical grade dimming in the Colorforce II emulates the smooth dimming curve of tungsten fixtures, and this most recent edition can deliver 50% more output than its predecessors due to Chroma-Qs cutting edge technology and advances in LED productions methods.

Colorforce II has an unmatched output for cyc and wall washing applications. This, coupled with the wide range of effect options that it has to offer, makes it suitable for a wide range of events such as theatre, concerts, TV, exhibitions and corporate events. For more information on Chroma Q Colorforce II 12 hire please contact

Performance enhanced colour gamut
Theatrical grade dimming
Extensive RDM functionality
Colour consistency from factory calibration
Homogenized RGBA colour mixing
Pixel control to 76mm/3in increments

CRI: 92
LED Engines: 4
Optics: Fully homogenised
Hot Lumen Output: 3,600
Beam Angle: 22° (approx)
Beam Distribution: Asymmetrical direct illumination
CCT: 1000K to 10000K

Height: 218mm
Width: 190mm
Depth: 335mm
Weight: 5kg

16A to Truecon cable
0.5m Truecon/DMX hybrid cable for linking

Supplied for hire in touring cases of 4

Can be hired as a standalone item or as part of a larger production package

Music & performance events
Conference set lighting
Awards shows
Gala dinners