Chauvet – EPIX 2.0 Strip

£25.00 per day

The Chauvet EPIX Strip 2.0 is a one meter bar containing 40 tri-colour LEDs in a 40×1 arrangement. It has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and a pixel pitch of 25mm. It comes with the option of a clear or frosted filter.

The EPIX 2.0 system uses CAT5 cabling to carry both power and data from the EPIX Drive 642 which keeps set-up time to a minimum. They can be controlled either via Artnet or Klingnet (generally using Arkaos). Epix drivers can power a combination of strips and bars in the same rig.

Predominantly used for visual effects, the EPIX Bar 2.0 is the perfect fixture for eye candy and additional digital features at music events, award shows and after parties. For more information on Chauvet EPIX Strip 2.0 hire please contact

One-meter bar, with a single row of LEDs.
Four fixtures can be daisy-chained on 1 x drive channel
Simple to program and pixel map
Create vertical effects with hardware linking system.
Excellent colour rendering.

Light Source: 40x LED (tri-colour) SMD 5050
Pixels: 40 x 1
Viewing Angle: 120°
Pixel Pitch: 25mm

Height: 117mm
Width: 37mm
Depth: 1000mm
Weight: 2kg

Network cabling & clamps as required

Supplied for hire in touring flight cases of 36 units

Awards ceremonies
Digitally themed set designs
Music & dance events