Chamsys Snakesys T2

£20.00 per day

The Chamsys Snakesys T2 is a six port, 2 universe DMX node. The inbuilt network switch has 4 ports and each DMX universe has three output sockets. The T2 can also be used as a DMX buffer.

The versatile design of the Snakesys allows for various mounting possibilities, these include three different orientations via a hook clamp. The LCD display enables straightforward configuration and the inclusion of a battery means configuration can occur without the need for mains power.

The robust construction and wide range of features make the Snakesys T2 an ideal component in a larger, networked, lighting package. For more information on Chamsys Snakesys T2 hire please contact

2 universe node
DMX buffer & Network switch
Can be powered by POE
LCD display and buttons for configuration
Floor or truss mountable
Hook clamp fixable in three different orientations

DMX Universes: 2
DMX Ports: 6 (three per universe)
Network Ports: 4
Input Ports: 1
Power Input: 90-250V AC or PoE

Height: 70mm
Width: 187mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 2kg

16A to powerCON cable

This Chamsys T2 node can be supplied on a single unit dry-hire basis or as part of a complete lighting equipment or full technical package.

Stage lighting control networks & DMX distribution
Awards ceremony lighting
Event production packages