Black Diamond Video Converters

£15.00 - £35.00 per day

The Black Magic Mini Converter range is designed to be used anywhere. Its straightforward, compact design makes it easy to use and super reliable for 24/7 operation. The built in connections are easy to access, use standard cables and feature built in mini switches to quickly change settings. There’s even a diagram with switch settings printed on the back so you never have to look for the manual. Our hire stock includes:

SDI Distribution 4K – £20.00 per day
SDI to Audio – £15.00 per day
SDI distribution – £15.00 per day
SDI to HDMI 4K – £20.00 per day
SDI to HDMI – £15.00 per day
UpDownCross – £20.00 per day
Bi Directional – £15.00 per day
Micro HDMI to SDI – 15.00 per day
Micro SDI to HDMI – £15.00 per day

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