2000kgs EXE – 30m HOL – encoder

£250 per day

The Exe Rise 2000kg gives you serious lifting capacity with a single fall chain, avoiding the risk of unintentional twist for safer and more reliable operation. The single fall also results in a 4m/m lift speed. These motors come equipped with the optional internal chain encoders that interface directly with the Kinesys digihoist control systems to give accurate data on lift height as well as the ability to program moves & stop points.

These motors have a swivel hook both on the body and chain and for increased safety and reliability the clutch is positioned on the motor shaft in front of the motor assembly, outside of the load path. A custom chain-bag guide allows the motor to be used in self climbing orientation or motor up as required. For smaller lifts WhitePD also hold EXE motors in a range of other sizes.

With a 2T capacity and D8+ 8:1 safety factor and an 11x31mm chain this motor is ideal for larger lifts such as big LED walls, larger line-array PA systems and stage roof systems. They have an IP55 rating as standard and can also be supplied with rain jackets for extra protection. All EXE motors at WhitePD are the LVC (low voltage control) versions and our motor control equipment is from Kinesys and EXE. Whitepd specialise in the hire of equipment and supply of production services to the event industry. we cover audio, lighting video, LED walls, rigging, set and staging.

For more information on EXE 2000kgs encoder hire please contact info@whitepd.com

Chain encoder for greater accuracy and functionality
Industry standard
Motor down or motor up orientation
D8+ rating
1600kgs (1.6T) WLL
4m per minute lift speed

8:1 safety factor
67.5db @ full load
8×24 DIN EN818-7 chain
Double braked
IP rating – IP55

Height: 256mm
Width: 640mm
Depth: 374mm
Weight: 211kgs (inc chain)

Single unit Flightcase
Chain bag
Rigging accessories such as GAK-Flex and Bow shackles available to hire
Standard LVC cable pairs. 2.5m – 40m lengths and paired socapex looms with breakout spiders can be supplied.

Exhibition stand lighting & rigging
Awards show production equipment
Stage lighting equipment hire
Fashion event and catwalk lighting systems
Conference AV and staging services