The ULX-D2 is a handheld digital transmitter compatible with all Shure ULX-D receivers. Featuring a flat frequency response and the ability to retain the transient response of the chosen Shure capsule, the ULX-D produces outstanding audio quality in all event situations.

The KSM9 capsule features an internal switch which allows the user to choose between a cardioid or supercardioid polar pattern, dependent on the application needs. The combination of the ULX2 and the KSM9 is the perfect choice for events where the finest speech and vocal clarity is a necessity.

The seamless integration of the Shure ULXD systems with Yamaha’s CL and QL consoles via Danta (for both audio, control and monitoring) represents a significant step forward in complementary manufacturer collaborations. Whitepd hold the full range of ULXD and Axient digital components in our hire stock for full production packages and equipment dry hire.