These 2.1m set flats are constructed from PSE redwood timber and the finished frame is wrapped with 220gsm black NDFR cotton canvas. Both 2×1 and 2×2 grades are used and all joints are glued and double screwed. Frames are built to strict plans with a +/- 0.5mm tolerance rule. Before assembly all the parts are stained black.

Our set panels are graded and serviced every time they come back to the warehouse. Any panels that do not make A-grade will then be assessed to see if they meet B-grade standards. Too many small defects or a range of large defects will automatically send the panel into the quarantine area for further assessment or recovering. Once a panel is deemed as A or B grade it will then be serviced, packed and stored ready to go out. Panels in quarantine undergo a further assessment. If the framework is structurally sound and not too worn they will be stripped, serviced and recovered. At that point it will be an A-grade panel again. If the frame is deemed to be past its best it will be stripped of fabric and disassembled. The timber is then transferred to our recycled lucky-timber stock that is used for on site bracing and consumables.

We are confident in producing very large one-piece covers on site. We hold good stocks of large format canvas’ on the shelf and can supply printed material of virtually any size. Our in-house work shop is equipped with a range of modern machinery and a 3m x 2m CNC router. We can manufacture a breadth of custom items, stage pieces, logos and more.