The Robe OnePATT is a high-powered RBGW multichip LED fixture in a compact retro-style frame. It has a virtual colour wheel with 66 preset swatches. Multiple units can be pixel mapped to suit larger applications.

The onePATT features 6 separate DMX protocol modes and 8 or 16 bit high resolution electronic dimming from 0-100%. The electronic shutter has a variable speed strobe with a maximum of 20 flashes per second. The OnePATT’s are cabled with 4-pin XLR (scroller) cable that carries data and power to each fixture.

The retro style of the onePATT looks fantastic when used in live camera and photography applications, this also makes it the ideal fixture to incorporate into set designs. Whitepd have a full range of Avenger C-stands in our hire department that we find are perfect for supporting these lovely little fixtures.