The Prolyte CCS6 couplers are used in a wide range of their trussing products and structures. The system primarily comprises the CCS6-600 conical coupler (egg), the CCS6-603 spigot (pin) and the CCS6-605 safety R spring.

The CCS6 conical coupler system gives a very strong and rigid connection between various truss types. The holes in the conical coupler are tapered so the fixing spigot pinches the joint closed with (generally) a light tap from a copper hammer.

Whitepd hold a large stock of Prolyte H30V, H30D and H40R components in our hire stock. The trusses can be used in a wide variety of event situations and is fast and easy to assemble. Our continual investment in rigging equipment and infrastructure enable us to deliver bespoke packages from off the shelf components for almost any kind and size of event.