The Hybrid A is one of our smallest multicore options. We feel it’s the best mix of functionality vs weight/girth for smaller breakout rooms and also as a front to back of stage loom on larger corporate set-ups. Whitepd hold large stocks of looms & multicore’s in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The ‘A’ configuration multicore consists of one x 4 pair AES terminated as two 3-pin XLRs each way, two x NL2 connectors (on 1.5mm to keep the weight down), two x HD SDI cables for video connection, two x CAT6 ethercons cables Dante/Artnet/HDbaseT and a truecon cable to provide juice.

The looms and multi’s in our hire stock help to save a tremendous amount of time on load-ins and load-outs. They are a great start to any AV or production infrastructure on site, and are always well received by our technicians.