The Manfrotto Super Clamp is an ultra versatile clamp for (in an event industry context) attaching almost anything, to almost anything. Described by Manfrotto as ‘The Original’ the name really does say it all – they are Super! It’s jaws have a range of 10mm to 61mm and the T-bar style tightening handle gives excellent purchase (no string-backs required). The inclusion of a wedge that slots into the jaw gives a better result when clamping down onto a flat surface – such as the edge of a desk.

The Super Clamp can receive a number of different spigots and there is a two stage safety process when securing the pin that has a push-button catch and a locking screw.  In addition to the 16mm pin the clamp has a 5mm and 1/4inch threaded point to further expand the attachment options.

The Manfrotto Super Clamp is supplied in a number of our standard kits and production packages and is also available as a stand-alone unit on a dry hire basis. Our continual investment in infrastructure enable us to deliver bespoke packages from off the shelf components for almost any kind and size of event. White Production Design LTD specialise in the hire of plug-and-play packages of audio, lighting, video and more for the event production industry.