The Manfrotto Magic Arm is a continually variable positioning arm for mounting equipment. The high load capacity of over 3kgs allows this to be used with a wide variety of equipment including small video cameras, lighting fixtures and more. It is often attached to the supporting structure using a Manfrotto Super Clamp.

Manufactured from durable aluminium the Magic Arm finds itself at home in almost any kit from a small photography package to a full catwalk lighting rig. The continually adjustable extension and angle of each pin mean the operator can always achieve optimum positioning of their gear.

The Manfrotto magic arm is commonly supplied with RF aerials in larger audio equipment packages allowing engineers to get paddles into the ideal position without the clutter of microphone stands. We specialise in White-Label equipment hire to trade rental partners, agencies and event organisers. Our kit has minimal branding and is presented in unbranded black flight-cases.