The Manfrotto Avenger C stand is a lighting equipment stand with a unique collapsible design. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and its sleek, chromed, appearance make it ideal for events where the equipment will be in the foreground – and not blending into the dark. The classic finish complements white backdrops and prints where a more generic lighting stand would just draw attention to itself and look out of place.

The C-stand also features a sliding leg allowing it to be used on uneven surfaces and in areas where footprints are tight – such as at the back of a stage. The 16mm spigot that is fitted matches the spigot receivers of many of the leading lighting manufacturers.

Whitepd generally suggest the Avenger stands to partner lighting fixtures in our equipment hire stock such as the Robe onePATT, Arri Sky Panel and the Arri 2k+.